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Psychic Readings

Psychic Kathryn Kauffman Provides

Psychic Readings Available

In Person 

Phone or Email

Video Calling by  Skype, Facebook 

Messenger or Google Hangouts 

$95.00 / 60min .

This IS NOT a Mediumship. These sessions deal with the person's living energy. Sessions are for one person only and the reading room  has one seat available . Please do not  bring a friend or children with you to your appointment.  

 For more Details about how a Psychic reading is done, click the button below this. 

What is a Psychic Reading?

About Me

Born on Midway Island in the North Pacific Ocean where there were no phones or TV. This afforded me growing up in an almost meditative environment. Opening already natural abilities that were present in many members of my family. At the age of 4 I developed Mediumship and continued to fine tune this over my lifetime. I grew up and attended nursing school to pursue a career as an ICU RN and Nursing Administrator. During this 30 year period I did private readings part time and worked with paranormal groups on hauntings in Kentucky. In 2013 I decided to leave nursing and provide my services as a full time Professional. I Provide Private readings in Kentucky and surrounding states. One of my specialties is Onsite Mediumship for Historical sites and Buildings in Kentucky such as The Famous Gratz Park Inn and Holly Hill Inn. Welcome to my website and I look forward to a reading with you or seeing your comment on a Facebook post. 


Mediumship Readings

Readings are Available 

In Person

Video Calling by Skype, Facebook messenger or Google Hangouts

$195.00/ 60 min

These are readings for contact with the energies of those that have passed on. I only grant TWO of these per week so make your request early. Please do not ask me any "trick questions" like a secret word you have asked the deceased to pass on to me. I do not get this type of information and you will be disappointed. These sessions are for one person only and the reading room only has one seat. Please do not bring friends or children with you to your reading. If you are wanting a group reading for more than one person special pricing is available just text to 859-327-9305 to request information. 

Onsite or On Location Mediumship is limited but available text to 859-327-9305 to request information.

If you are considering this type of reading I ask that you read the  Details about Mediumship Click the Button below this

What Is A Mediumship Reading?

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