What is Mediumship How is it different than a Psychic Reading

Do Mediums Really "Talk to the Dead"?


  • Mediumship All I can do is to tell you how I give a Mediumship. I can't speak to what other mediums say or do in their work. This is how I do a session.I set aside a 2 hour block of time for medium readings. The first hour is spent by me alone in deep trance meditation, where I focus on the name of the person getting the reading. Then I use automatic writing to channel the spirits that appear in association with that name. At the end of the hour the person should be here for their reading. To begin the reading I go over teaching about how medium messages are obtained and give my client the information I channeled. I never ask who the person wants to contact because it should come out in my trance meditation. This helps validate the session for the client because I am not going on any physical ques or previous information. That way both for my client and myself we can be assured that who I am communicating with is the person they are wanting contact with. Once we are both convinced that is the spirit they wish to communicate with we go through a series of question and answer with the spirit.The second part of my process lasts 60 min. So I put in an hour of meditation and an hour of session with the client. I charge $180.00 for my total time of 2 hours spent on the reading.I do not offer many Mediumship sessions per week and I limit the amount that I do because they are hard on my health. I do suggest waiting at least 3 months after someone passes before you get a reading. For no other reason other than the client can get more out of the reading because they aren't so overwhelmed by grief. I hope this has answered your questions.
  • $250.00 Within a 30 mile drive time of Lexington Area. All locations greater than 30 min Drive will have added travel costs.

I Do Not Want to Know Any Details

I believe I give better readings if I do not know any details about the spirit you are wanting contact with. That way should I get specific content it better verifies the reading for you. I do the same thing for my Psychic readings I feel I do better if I don't know the question.

Please bring Items with You

To obtain additional information or energy from the spirit, it does help to bring a personal item of the  loved one. This can be anything they kept on them and has their energy imprinted on it. Some of the best items to bring are hand writing of the person.