Banishment of Negativity Kindle Book

Protect Yourself or Your Property

 Do you want to know how to get rid of negative energy and take back control of your living space? The easy answer is here in this Kindle book on how to cleanse your home and property of dark forces.   

Can you Protect Yourself at Work

Find Out very easy to use techniques to provide a layer of protection in the work place. 

How do I cleanse My Home or Property?

Use the step by step guide in the back of the book to learn how to take back control of your living space and prevent negative energies from effecting you or the ones you love. 

Inspirational Products

Take Back Your Power Mug

We all need daily inspiration to stay on a positive path. These mugs and journals provide you with the every day guidance you need to stay true to your goals. 

Take Back Your Power Back Pack

Take Back Your Power Journal

12th Level Pillow

Fun Friday Oracle Cards

Get Daily Guidance from a three card draw of these oracle cards. Made from a collection of  3 years of Fun Friday readings on Facebook. Psychic Kathryn Kauffman has made these especially for you!