What are Real Psychic Readings Like

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From Psychic Courses to Helpful Videos. After your session you will leave with Self Discovery information that could change your destiny. 

If a reader asks you what you want to know, that is a intuitive reading.......... not a psychic reading.


· The way I do Psychic readings is very different. I never ask what a person's question is. This should become apparent in the reading. 

If it does then this validates the clients feelings on their situation. 

· Readings are reflective of your life path which is comprised of positive and negative decisions that you make on a day to day basis. Therefore no psychic can see your future because you are creating your path daily. I channel the information I receive and I ask my guides to provide information that will help a person choose a more positive path in life that will benefit them and produce happiness. I have also studied many methods of problem solving. I not only want to provide an accurate reading but I want to provide real inexpensive solutions that people can use to help their life path in a more positive way. I hope this answers your questions.