What are Real Psychic Readings Like

Our Future Can Change


  • The way I do Psychic readings is very different. My readings come from the subconscious mind. People often have a "feeling" about something or someone and they are apprehensive about this "feeling". The subconscious knows 5 times more than the conscious mind. The unfortunate side to this is it can't directly communicate this to your consciousness.What I do is tap into this information and help interpret what is currently happening in the life path. I never ask what a person's question is. This should become apparent in the reading. If it does then this validates the clients feelings on their situation. If a reader asks you what you want to know that is an intuitive reading.....not a psychic reading.
  •  Being able to give accurate information on someone you have never met or spoken with.....is not an easy task. It takes a great deal of  concentration and exchange of energy. Readings are reflective of your life path which is comprised of positive and negative decisions that you make on a day to day basis. Therefore no psychic can see your future because you are creating your path daily. You have free will of choice, but most people create a predictability pattern. A way of making decisions and choices. These choices may not always be good ones but they are the patterned choices people decide on. Therefore in a reading 80% of all things can be changed 20% of other things can't be changed like Karmic Challenges and Self defeating tendencies. I channel the information I receive and I ask my guides to provide information that will help a person choose a more positive path in life that will benefit them and produce happiness. I have also studied many methods of problem solving. I not only want to provide an accurate reading but I want to provide real inexpensive solutions that people can use to help their life path in a more positive way. I hope this answers your questions. Psychic Readings are $90.00 for 60 min 

The difference Between an Intuitive Reading and a Psychic Reading

If A Reader Asks you what your question is or what are your concerns That is considered an Intuitive Reading NOT A PSYCHIC READING. 

 Psychic readings, the reader will never ask you what you want to know and the reading should reflect the details and concerns you have at that point in your life. 

Helpful Resources Available

From Psychic Courses to Helpful Videos. After your session you will leave with Self Discovery information that could change your destiny.